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About Maggie

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Hi everyone , welcome to living a healthy lifestyle matters website.


Just to share my background with you. I have previously worked in the financial industry as a financial planner.

I must say that I have enjoyed serving clients and assisting them with solving their financial problems to maintain their peace of mind. We all know that when our financial life is not in order it disrupts other aspects of our lives especially our health.

I loved my job and it was so demanding, I often skipped my meals as I was chasing targets and deadlines not realisng the harm I was causing to my health. As a result I was constantly feeling fatiqued due to poor diet and lack of enough rest, yes, you heard me, poor diet. This was not because I didn’t buy food, It was simply for the reason that I was not eating properly.

That said, that’s where the love for healthy living started. Before I started my on line business, I took out a course to Learn about nutrition science and the benefits of eating nutritious foods and generally taking care of one’s health.

Well, I made a lot of changes on my diet and have seen some improvement on my overall health. My family has welcomed the changes too and we are more healthier and happier.


Helping people is in my DNA. I enjoy helping people and making a difference in their lives by sharing my insights and experience with them.

I have observed that many people ( like I used to) take their health for granted untill they seriously get sick or someone close to them, for that matter. I believe in the notion that prevention is better than cure.

Lack of knowledge also puts us at a disadvantaged position. When we know better we do better. Mother nature has provided these foods to nourish our bodies especially when they are consumed in their whole form, so that we may live healthier and happier and longer too.


As a lifestyle consultant, I am dedicated to creating quality content that is informed and well researched regarding foods and health related matters and update you on the current trends on foods and their health benefits.

Let’s walk this journey together untill eternity.

I wish you a blissful 2020, may you see many more years to come in good health and cheerful spirit.



The founder of Living a healthy lifestyle matters


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